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Social Reintegration and Employment: Evidence and Interventions for Drug Users in Treatment

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Harry Sumnall; Angelina Brotherhood
Date Published
204 pages
This report from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction examines the evidence for the effectiveness of interventions aimed at increasing the employability of problem drug users in Europe.
This report from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction presents a model for use by policymakers and drug practitioners develop and promote interventions and strategies for improving the employability and social reintegration of problem drug users. The report is divided into two main sections: The Need for Social Reintegration and Approaches to Promote Social Reintegration. The first section defines the scope of the problem and discusses a definition of social reintegration for use with problem drug users. The section also examines problem drug use and how it leads to social exclusion, as well as the use of social reintegration as a policy objective. The second section of the report examines eight approaches that can be used to promote social reintegration: 1) general vocational rehabilitation; 2) drug treatment; 3) criminal justice interventions; 4) housing support; 5) education and vocational training; 6) employment support; 7) general policy; and 8) advocacy and reducing stigma. The final section of the report presents a set of recommendations that should be considered the first steps that policymakers can use to promote social reintegration activities and improve the employability of problem drug users. Figures, tables, references, and annexes