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Based on several years of research, these standards cover all aspects of the operation of a correctional training academy, including administration and management, personnel, development of training plans, evaluations, and course content requirements.
The standards also focus on fiscal management, information systems and research, the physical plant, training and staff development, security and control, safety and emergency procedures, food service, sanitation, and health care. The development of these standards reflects contemporary correctional practice throughout the United States. The standards offer the opportunity for corrections agencies to evaluate their operations against national standards, to remedy deficiencies, and to upgrade the quality of correctional programs and services. The correctional training academy is more than a training program in that an academy designs, coordinates, presents, and oversees the entire training component. It has correctional research capabilities providing information and statistics to aid decisionmaking and future planning and the capability to provide the organization it supports with technical assistance on correctional topics. The standards aim to assist correctional training academies not only in being the epitome of correctional professionalism, but also in being so perceived by those they serve. The standards and the accreditation process provide a blueprint for upgrading facility operations and is one of the most effective management tools available. Checklists, glossary, index, form for proposing a revision of a standard, lists of committee and staff members, and appended guidelines and definition