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STARRSA Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program (CBT) Manual

NCJ Number
Robert Prentky, Ph.D.; Mary Koss, Ph.D.
Date Published
August 2017
351 pages

This is a draft of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Treatment Manual developed for clinicians who are retained to work with college students who are found responsible for sexual misconduct by Title IX Officers as part of a student conduct recommendation or sanction.



Prior to implementing the procedures and practices of this Pilot Manual, clinicians should have received direct training from the team piloting the Science-based Treatment, Accountability, and Risk Reduction for Sexual Assault (STARRSA) Program. Clinicians should also have signed a confidentiality agreement and received confirmation that they have been added to the privacy certificate issue by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Since this is a pilot version of the CBT Manual, it may receive multiple revisions over the next year, following the feedback received from the pilot sites and clinicians. Following a brief assessment of the prevalence and effects of sexual misconduct on college campuses, the manual notes that STARRSA was developed for college students found responsible for sexual misconduct, which can range from unwanted sexual touching to aggravated rape. The developers of STARRSA believe it is the first empirically based program for the psychological treatment of college students appropriately determined to have engaged in sexual misconduct. The core of the STARRSA program is presented in this Treatment Manual. It is designed to facilitate high-quality assessment and treatment interventions. It guides  qualified clinicians who are relatively new to treating students found responsible for campus sexual misconduct. The instructional content of the Manual features guidance in the content and presentation of each of the sessions composing the 10 modules of the STARRSA program. Activity descriptions and materials for module presentations are appended.