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State of Illinois Campus Security Task Force Report to the Governor

NCJ Number
Date Published
April 2008
57 pages
This report of the State of Illinois Campus Security Task Force (CSTF) presents recommendations for developing and implementing comprehensive, coordinated policies and training programs that will deter, prevent, and significantly improve the response to and recovery from major public safety incidents at all higher education campuses in the State.
The report's findings and recommendations are organized according to the work of its three committees. The response committee was responsible for reviewing and recommending improvements to campus security preparedness and response planning. The recommendations of this committee are based in five principles. First, interagency and multi-jurisdictional cooperation among all stakeholders is vital for managing emergencies. Second, a strong system of unified command and control of an incident is essential for the coordination of resources. Third, all-hazard planning is the standard for emergency preparedness in addressing both natural and man-made emergency situations. Fourth, comprehensive training and exercises of emergency response plans and systems are necessary for emergency preparedness. Fifth, the development of robust, redundant, multi-modal, internal communication systems must reach all members of the campus community. The mission of the CSTF's Prevention and Mental Health Committee was to review and recommend improvement in mental health policies, services, and issue awareness, in order to prevent and improve responses to and recovery from major incidents on higher education campuses statewide. Its recommendations pertain to the creation of a healthy campus culture while promoting awareness and prevention of incidents stemming from mental disorders; access to an array of timely and appropriate mental health services; and planning for securing and managing additional clinical support services in recovery operations. The mission of the CSTF Legal Committee was to review and recommend improvement to legal issues and policies related to higher-education campus security in the State. Next steps are outlined. Listings of supporting literature for each committee's recommendations