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Teens, Crime, and the Community in Boys & Girls Clubs

NCJ Number
Andrea Carlson
Date Published
26 pages
This booklet on the program of Teens, Crime, and the Community (TCC) discusses how TCC benefits Boys and Girls Clubs by providing a flexible educational tool for club members that builds community bonds.
TCC is both an education and action program. It provides a flexible means for schools, juvenile justice facilities, and community organizations to relay to youth crucial information on preventing violence and other crimes. At the same time, TCC engages youth in helping to prevent crime in their communities. Two national partners developed the program: the National Crime Prevention Council and the National Institute for Citizen Education in the Law. Although implemented locally, TCC is directed at the national level through these partners. The TCC framework includes two components: an education unit infused into existing programs or implemented as a separate initiative in Boys and Girls Clubs and other community settings, or included in social studies, civic, health, law-related education, or other classes in schools; and action projects that stem from the educational portion of the program and address local crime problems. This booklet provides examples of ways in which TCC can become an integral part of Boys and Girls Club programming. It explains how the program was implemented in five sites and identifies their successes and challenges. Elements critical to an effective TCC program are explained in detail, notably the establishment of key partnerships. The report concludes with a list of TCC resources.