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Temporary Release Program 2009 Annual Report

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27 pages
This report presents a statistical summary on those offenders within the New York State Department of Correctional Services, Temporary Release Program for 2009.
Highlights of this annual report on New York's Temporary Release Program include: (1) total applications received from inmates for Temporary Release programs decreased in 2009 with 27,635 applications received with only 3,034 approved by facilities and forwarded for final review; (2) there were 2,191 participants in the Temporary Release Program in 2009; (3) there were 59 absconders from Temporary Release programs which has seen a continued decrease, all 57 were in work releases and 37 were returned to the department of corrections; (4) more than one-quarter of the participants in the Temporary Release programs are drug offenders; (5) of the 2,175 participants in continuous in Temporary Release programs, 218 were removed from the program; 183 (84 percent) were removed for disciplinary and programmatic violations, 6 (3 percent) for absconding, 14 (6 percent) for Temporary Release arrests, and 15 (7 percent) for eligibility issues; and (6) in 2009, 2,032 Work Release/Day Reporting participants earned $5,049,821.84 and paid $1,478,880.96 in Federal, State, and local taxes. Appendix, tables, and graphs