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Terrorism and Southern Africa

NCJ Number
Terrorism Volume: 13 Issue: 6 Dated: (November/December 1990) Pages: 447-453
B Nimer
Date Published
7 pages
A brief review is presented of ways in which the African National Congress (ANC) may have characteristics of a terrorist organization although it may be not characterized as such.
The first commentary focuses on the activities of the ANC for the last 30 years as they relate to a violent resistance against the system of apartheid in South Africa. The main features of the activities of the ANC as they may relate to the terrorism are highlighted and then illustrated with specific references to the activities. ANC activities are shown to be pertinent to both domestic and international terrorism. The second commentary discusses concepts regarding terrorism and the reason why Africa provides a good subject matter for broadening the understanding of the terrorist phenomenon as a feature of contemporary international life. Particular attention is place on the relationship between military coups and terrorism in Africa. Notes