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K C Faller
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Intended for therapists, lawyers, the police, social workers, and mental health professionals, this book discusses all aspects of child sexual abuse, including diagnosis, treatment, protective services, and legal issues.
The book is divided into four sections. The first consists of two chapters that orient mental health professionals to the problem of sexual maltreatment. One chapter describes a victim-centered approach, provides information on the incidence and prevalence of the problem, and discusses indicators of sexual maltreatment. The second chapter defines sexual abuse with relevant examples, differentiates among types of sexually abusive relationships, and presents a theory for understanding why adults sexually abuse children. Part II describes the roles of protective services, the police, lawyers, and the courts and provides guidelines for mental health professionals who interact with these agents and institutions, including advice about testifying in court. Part III addresses issues of diagnosis and case decisionmaking. Topics covered include a protocol to assist mental health professionals, guidelines for determining the severity of sexual abuse, treatment prognosis, and whether separation of the victim and offender is indicated. The final section deals with sexual abuse in three contexts: divorce cases, foster care, and day care. Chapter references and a subject index