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United States-Mexico High Level Contact Group: Proceedings of the Bi-National Demand Reduction Conference, March 18-20, 1998 El Paso, Texas

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This document contains the proceedings of the U.S./Mexico Bi-National Demand Reduction Conference, held on March 18-20, 1998, in El Paso, TX.
In 1996, the United States and Mexico High Level Contract Group on Drug Control was formed to strengthen cooperation between the two countries and make drug demand reduction issues a higher priority within and between the two governments. The U.S./Mexico Bi-National Demand Reduction Conference, sponsored by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, was an innovative first step between the two nations to address the issue of drug demand reduction. The conference convened experts in prevention, treatment, and research, along with government officials, educators, and community leaders from both countries to establish a framework for demand reduction, review drug-use trends, and develop explicit strategies in eight areas: Research Cooperation and the Exchange of Technical Information, Public Information and Awareness, Community Participation, Youth, Special Populations, The Workplace, HIV/AIDS, and Violence and Drug-Related Problems. These proceedings are presented in six sections: I - Opening Remarks; II - A Theoretical Framework for Demand Reduction - Summary of Presentations on Research and Evaluation, Treatment, Prevention, and Public Awareness, the Media, and Information Dissemination; III - Summary of Keynote Addresses; IV - Drug Abuse Research: Science for Policy and Practice - Summary of Presentations; V - Work Group Reports on Demand Reduction - Summary of Overview, Discussion, and Recommendations for the eight strategic areas; and VI - Summary of Closing Remarks. Appendixes