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U.S. Marine Corps Corrections

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American Jails Volume: 6 Issue: 1 Dated: (March/April 1992) Pages: 114-117
J Clanton
Date Published
4 pages
This article describes the objectives of the reorganized Marine Corps Corrections Program, identifies the various phases and focus of its Brig programs, discusses policy pertaining to appropriate facility security, and concludes with a review of future plans.
Several objectives provide the basis of the Marine Corps Corrections Program: to prepare prisoners for return to duty; to provide adequate opportunities for change and improvement of prisoners' attitudes and behavior through appropriate incentives, counseling, and training/education efforts; and to seek methods to reduce the prisoner population. Each individual committed to a Marine Corps Brig normally progresses through a reception phase, a performance phase, and a prerelease phase. The rehabilitative programs usually provided in each facility include a viable work program, a prisoner training program, counseling, and religious and recreational programs. Current policy is to approve only that amount of physical security deemed necessary for the safe operation of a facility and realization of its objectives.