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Victims' Rights Jurisdiction Profiles

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July 2020
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This webpage explains the features of and provides online access to Victims' Rights Jurisdiction Profiles (VRJPs) for each state represented by grantees under the Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services and Technical Assistance Program (LEV Program).
The LEV Program is sponsored by the U.S. Justice Department's Office for Victims of Crime. Its goal is to establish or improve victim services programs in criminal justice agencies in order to couple law enforcement-based services with community-based program partnerships. The focus is on serving the broader needs and rights of all crime victims. The National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) is responsible for developing Victims' Rights Jurisdiction Profiles (VRJPs) for each state represented by LEV grantees. VRJPs consist of two documents. One document, "Select Victims' Rights," provides a base of knowledge on crime victims' rights in the designated state. A second document, "Privacy, Confidentiality and Privilege," is designed to improve victim services personnel's knowledge and understanding of the law that governs crime victims' rights to privacy, confidentiality, and privilege in the designated state. The NCVLI developed VRJPs for all fiscal year (FY) 2018 LEV grantees. The 13 grantee states are listed on this webpage, and online access is provided to their VRJPs. NCVLI is also developing VRJPs for all FY 2019 LEV grantees. These 14 states are listed on this webpage. In addition, NCVLI and Unified Solutions are jointly developing VRJPs for four tribal jurisdictions awarded the FY 2019 LEV grants. The four tribes are listed on this webpage. The webpage also provides online access to more information and resources on the LEV Program.