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We Need a Positive Perspective and Leadership

NCJ Number
School Intervention Report Volume: 8 Issue: 1 Dated: (Fall 1994) Pages: 2-7
L E Rosen
Date Published
6 pages
Violence prevention in schools is explored.
This brief article discusses issues to be considered by schools involved in the process of developing violence prevention plans. One of the issues briefly discussed are the problems presented by the increase in the number of single-parent homes on the one hand, and two-income households on the other. This problem has resulted in a bi- polar socioeconomic structure that may mean that curricula that are relevant to one segment of the population will seem irrelevant to the other. School security problems involving the presence of unauthorized adults on school campuses also must be addressed. Administrators are urged to publicize their successes and also their role as protector of both school and students. School security and crisis plans should be developed. Consequences of infractions of school disciplinary rules must be clear and enforced. Community coalitions with juvenile justice agencies must be formed. Five areas cited in the article that should be combined to provide leadership in school safety include education, i.e., peer counseling, adult tutoring, conflict resolution strategies, peer mediation, social development, health, i.e., student access to doctors, pharmacies, and dentists, recreational facilities including providing transportation to and from those facilities, job training, and mentoring. References