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NCJ Number
10-43 Illinois State Police Magazine Dated: Winter/Spring 2001 Pages: 26-30
Carl Weitzel
Bob Fletcher
Date Published
5 pages
This article presented the experiences of 16 students participating in a 2 day training on Aviation Physiology and Basic Survival Skills hosted by the Federal Aviation Administration.
In 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration held a 2 day training event in Oklahoma City on Aviation Physiology and Basic Survival Skills conducted by an FAA aviation physiology and survival specialist and an aerospace physiologist. The training was attended by Illinois State Police (ISP), Air Operations pilots, as well as students from across the country including, a private pilot team, commercial students, ambulance drivers, and a test pilot from a major aircraft manufacturer. The training consisted of escaping from a smoke-filled aircraft, learning fire-starting methods, experiencing the effects of oxygen deficiency in an altitude chamber, recognizing spatial disorientation in a flight simulator, and perfecting rescue procedures for water ditching. The article described the students’ individual experiences and feelings within each of the five survival skills.


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