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Wisconsin Crime and Arrests, 1982

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T G Eversen; R M Hubanks; R Reboussin; M J Witwen
Date Published
91 pages
In Wisconsin, every Index offense except robbery and aggravated assault declined from 1981 to 1982.
Total Index offenses declined by 6.8 percent from 227,743 to 212,173. Property offenses declined by 7.2 percent from 218,809 to 203,098. However, violent offenses increased by 1.6 percent from 8,934 to 9,074. Property offenses accounted for 96 percent of total Index offenses, and the most frequent individual offense was theft, comprising 69 percent of total Index offenses. Statewide, juvenile and adult arrests decreased from 1981 to 1982 by 3.5 percent. The report presents tables analyzing total Index offenses, violent offenses, property offenses, and each separate offense. Ten-year trends in offenses, clearances, and arrests are then presented.