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Wisconsin Laws Regulating Firearms

NCJ Number
S Haas
Date Published
18 pages
Wisconsin laws regulating firearms restrict the possession of certain firearm types, limit the possession of firearms by certain individuals, and prohibit the improper or unsafe possession and use of firearms.
Wisconsin acts 16, 90, 92, 94, 95, 98, 191, 195, and 196 pertain to the regulation of firearms. These acts contain provisions on criminal history record searches, seized firearms and ammunition, owner consent in vehicle confiscation, the discharge of a firearm from a vehicle, the presence of handguns where alcoholic beverages are sold, the possession of firearms by children, and restrictions on facsimile firearms. One act also covers the possession of firearms by persons committed for mental illness, drug dependency, or developmental disability. The review of Wisconsin firearm regulations focuses on automatic and short-barreled firearms, silencers, safety, penalties for firearm-related violations, handguns with armor-piercing bullets, carrying a concealed firearm, carrying a firearm in public buildings or where alcohol is sold, the possession or discharge of firearms in school zones, the transport of firearms (land, sea, and air), and the disposition of seized firearms and ammunition. In addition, the review covers the possession of firearms by convicted felons, serious juvenile offenders, and dangerous persons who have been involuntarily committed.