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You Can Help Stop Burglary!

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23 pages
This manual presents illustrated guidelines on preventing home burglary through the use of effective door and window locks, reliance on Operation Identification, and development of a block security program.
The advice covers steps to take when suspicious activity is observed, ways to identify activity as suspicious, and guidelines to follow when leaving the home for a short period or a prolonged period. Guidelines on door and window security focus on the use of door viewers, deadlocks and deadlatches, cane bolts, rim locks, flush bolts, and protection for hinges and sliding doors and windows. Chains and padlocks for bicycles, exterior and interior lighting, and alarms are also described and illustrated. Suggestions for using an electric engraver to identify property cover the location of the engraving, the importance of a light pressure adjustment, the need to make large numbers, and the use of a form for listing the items engraved and the locations of the identifying numbers. Citizens are also advised to take pictures of their homes. The goals and components of a block security program are outlined. Information to give to the police when reporting suspicious activities is also presented. Forms and drawings are provided.