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You Can't Judge a Crook by His Cover

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This film explains how people can avoid having their homes burglarized by amateur burglars.
The most ordinary, normal-looking individual may be an amateur burglar. The typical burglar operates in the daylight hours and looks as if he belongs in the neighborhood. He is usually a young male who behaves politely and has no suspicious characteristics. To avoid practically inviting a burglar into one's home, the homeowner needs to take certain precautionary measures. It is important to have good, deadbolt locks and to always use them. Valuables should be marked with an engraver, available at police stations through Operation Identification. Barking watch dogs are also helpful. However, the film emphasizes that all these measures are only deterrents. They need to be reinforced by observant, alert neighbors who will call the police if they notice any suspicious activities or strangers in the neighborhood. For instance, if a stranger is going into a neighbor's house and no one is at home there, one should call the police. Examples of what a good neighbor should do in certain situations are shown.


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