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Youth as Victims - Youth Crime Prevention Training Manual

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207 pages
Focusing on the types of crimes committed against youths and prevention measures, this training manual, developed by police in Portland, Oreg., is intended to help teach volunteers how to prepare a community presentation on the topic of youth crime prevention.
The manual was developed as part of a larger program to increase citizen awareness of crime prevention techniques and to involve the entire community in crime prevention efforts; program volunteers are trained and certified to assume the role of delivering prevention services to the public. The manual acquaints the volunteer with crime prevention and offers a brief overview of the State Crime Prevention Division's programs. Common crimes against youths are identified, and the effects of unrealistic fear of crime upon a child's life are examined as is the behavior a child can learn to reduce the risk of victimization. The personal and property crimes which affect youths are defined in everyday language, and their incidence is discussed so that myth and reality may be distinguished. The victim, the environment in which the crime occurs, the person committing the crime, and the community response receive attention. In addition, basic public speaking, teaching aids and their uses, and techniques of audience management are considered for volunteers engaged in community crime prevention activities. Appendixes contain a glossary, relevant Oregon statutes, a list of resource agencies with their telephone numbers, a 12-item bibliography, and a sample presentation together with a list of the most common questions and their answers.