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3.10 Conference Approval, Planning, and Reporting

For OVW recipients, Conference Approval, Planning and Reporting
guidance is available here.


The purpose of this section is to provide guidance to OJP/COPS Office grantees (including cooperative agreement recipients and subrecipients) and contractors that conduct training sessions, meetings, or conferences.

For purposes of this chapter (OJP/COPS Office Conference Approval, Planning, and Reporting) references to “contractor” means a Federal contractor, unless context indicates otherwise.?? Sign up for email notifications for any changes to the Conference Cost Policy pages: Email Notification (Click to Subscribe)

What's New

Conference Policy Last Updated March 18, 2013

  • “When No Prior Approval is Required” page published with checklist to help recipients determine which events are exempt from the prior approval process.
  • Guidance on application of indirect cost rates to conference costs.
  • New FAQs.
  • Delinquent reports may result in a hold on remaining award funds.