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3.1 Payments

Draw Only What is Needed

Your organization should request funds based upon immediate disbursement/reimbursement requirements. Funds will not be paid in a lump sum, but rather disbursed over time as project costs are incurred or anticipated.

You should time your draw down requests to ensure that Federal cash on hand is the minimum needed for disbursements/reimbursements to be made immediately or within 10 days. If the funds are not spent or disbursed within 10 days, you must return them to the awarding agency.

Fund requests from subrecipients create a continuing cash demand on award balances of the recipient. Recipients should keep in mind that idle funds in the hands of subrecipients will impair the goals of effective cash management.

You should develop written procedures for cash management of funds to ensure that Federal cash on hand is kept at or near zero. DOJ periodically conducts financial reviews to ensure that this requirement is met.

OVW TipOJP Specific Tip

A few block grant programs may be drawn down or paid out in a lump sum. Program examples include the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant [JAG] Program, Juvenile Accountability Block Grant [JABG] Program, and State Criminal Alien Assistance Program [SCAAP] awards.