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3.3 Matching or Cost Sharing Requirements

Timing of Matching Contributions

Matching contributions do not need to be applied at the exact time or in proportion to the obligation of the Federal funds. However, the full matching share must be contributed by the end of the award period.

information iconFinancial Management Tip

Time-phased matching may be required as a special condition by the grant-making component on awards to nongovernmental recipients.

COPS TipCOPS Office Specific Tip

If you have a COPS Hiring Grant, matching funds must be made on an increasing basis during each year of the three-year project with the federal share decreasing accordingly.

The local match must be paid in full during the project period; payments made prior to or after the project period do not qualify as matching funds.

It is highly recommended that cash matching funds are paid during each quarter of the award to ensure the required matching funds are fully paid by the end of the award.

If your agency must withdraw from the project prior to the project end date, your agency is responsible for ensuring that the federal share of funds expended is limited to a maximum of 75% of the total project costs expended.

If you have any additional questions about the timing of your match, please contact your COPS Office Staff Accountant at 800-421-6770.