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3.12 OJP's Confidential Funds


The provisions outlined in this chapter apply to all awarding agency professional personnel, recipients, and subrecipients involved in the administration of grants containing confidential funds. Confidential funds are those monies allocated to:

  • Purchase of Services (P/S). This category includes travel or transportation of a non-Federal officer or an informant; the lease of an apartment, business front, luxury-type automobile, aircraft or boat, or similar effects to create or establish the appearance of affluence; and/or meals, beverages, entertainment, and similar expenses (including buy money, flash rolls, etc.) for undercover purposes, within reasonable limits.
  • Purchase of Evidence (P/E). This category is for purchase of evidence and/or contraband, such as narcotics and dangerous drugs, firearms, stolen property, counterfeit tax stamps, and so forth, required to determine the existence of a crime or to establish the identity of a participant in a crime.
  • Purchase of Specific Information (P/I). This category includes the payment of monies to an informant for specific information. All other informant expenses would be classified under P/S and charged accordingly.

information iconFinancial Management Tip

Confidential funds should only be allocated when 1) the merit of a program/investigation warrants the expenditure of these funds, and 2) you are unable to obtain these funds from other sources.

Confidential funds are subject to prior approval.

  • You will receive approval for confidential fund expenditures if it is found that the requested expenditures are reasonable and necessary elements of project operations.
  • The approving agency must also ensure that the controls over disbursement of confidential funds are adequate to safeguard against the misuse of such funds.