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3.12 OJP's Confidential Funds

Informant Files

A separate file should be securely established for each informant for accounting purposes.

  • Informant files should be kept in a separate and secure storage facility and under the exclusive control of the Project Director, manager, or an employee designated by him/her.
  • The facility should be locked at all times when unattended.
  • Access to these files should be limited to those employees who have a necessary and legitimate need.
  • An informant file should not leave its immediate area within the storage facility, except for review by a management official or the handling agent, and should be returned prior to the close of business on the day of its review.
  • Sign-out logs should be kept indicating the date, informant number, time in and out, and the signature of the person reviewing the file.

Each file should include the following documentation:

  • Informant Payment Record easily accessible on top of the file. This record provides a summary of informant payments.
  • Informant Establishment Record, including complete identifying and locating data, plus any other documents connected with the informant???s establishment.
  • Current photograph and fingerprint card (or Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]/State criminal identification number).
  • Agreement with cooperating individual.
  • Receipt for P/I.
  • Copies of all debriefing reports (except for the headquarters case file).
  • Copies of case initiation reports showing the use of an informant (except for the headquarters case file).
  • Copies of statements signed by the informant (unsigned copies will be placed in appropriate investigative files).
  • Any administrative correspondence pertaining to the informant, including documentation of any representations made on his behalf or any other nonmonetary considerations furnished.
  • Any deactivation report or declaration of an unsatisfactory informant.