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3.17 Remedies for Noncompliance


If the Department of Justice (DOJ) grant-making component or pass-through entity finds that the award recipient or subrecipient has failed to comply with Federal statutes, regulations, or the terms and conditions of an award, additional conditions may be imposed as described in 2 C.F.R. ?? 200.207. However, if it is determined that noncompliance cannot be remedied by imposing additional conditions, the DOJ grant-making or pass-through entity may take one or more of the following actions under 2 C.F.R. ?? 200.338:

  • Temporarily withhold cash payments pending correction of the deficiency or more severe action by the grant-making component or pass-through entity;
  • Disallow all or part of the cost of activities or actions not in compliance;
  • Wholly or partly suspend or terminate the Federal award;
  • Initiate suspension or debarment proceedings as authorized under 2 C.F.R. ?? 180 and DOJ???s implementing regulations at 2 C.F.R. ?? 2867 (or in the case of a pass-through entity, recommend such a proceeding be initiated by the grant-making component);
  • Designate the award recipient as a high-risk recipient under the DOJ high-risk policy;
  • Withhold future awards for the project or program; or
  • Take other remedies that may be legally available.