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Office of Justice Programs

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FY 23 OJP Grant Awards

The OJP FY 23 grant awards will support state, local and community-based efforts and evidence-based interventions that reduce violence, crime and recidivism while delivering treatment and services to those at-risk of justice system involvement.

Embracing Community Violence Intervention in Boston Communities and Nationwide

OJP invests in Boston CVI organizations and others around the country to expand access to lifesaving interventions.

NIJ Term of the Month - Conjunctive Analysis

Conjunctive analysis of case configurations is an exploratory data analysis technique that looks at how multiple variables interact. Researchers have used this method to study patterns in carjacking incidents, intimate partner violence, homicide investigations, and more.

Engaged Communities Inspire Hope for Recovery

September is National Recovery Month. Read how OJP is supporting substance use recovery in America’s communities.

Grant Application Resource Guide

Updated for FY 2022, this resource contains information to help you prepare and submit applications for OJP funding and offers guidance on award administration.

Learn about JustGrants, DOJ's Grants Management System

Access information about JustGrants, including news updates, resources and training opportunities for applicants and recipients of DOJ grant awards, and other forms of federal financial assistance.