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Opportunities & Awards


This section of the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) site provides access to currently available OJP funding opportunities, solicitations from previous years, award data for funded programs, and more.

Visit the Current Funding Opportunities page for a listing of available solicitations and opportunities from the OJP program offices.  To learn about additional opportunities from the Department of Justice, please visit their Grants webpage.  If you are interested in seeing opportunities from previous years, visit the Past Funding Opportunities page.  For guidance in preparing and submitting applications for OJP funding, view the OJP Grant Application Resource Guide.  The Guide also contains details about application reviews and federal award administration.

As Fiscal Year 2021 awards are being made, this is a reminder that when successful applicants are notified of their awards, JustGrants users with the roles of Authorized Representative, Application Submitter, and Entity Administrator will receive an email notification that there is an award to accept.  The entire process of reviewing and accepting FY 2022 awards will be completed within JustGrants.  To learn more about accepting awards in JustGrants visit the Grant Award Acceptance training webpage.

The FY21 OJP Grant Awards page provides an opportunity to display awards made by OJP program offices for specific programs.  Our Funding Statistics webpage provides a broad overview of all OJP awards and allows for filtering of award data from prior years.

Date Created: January 23, 2020