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Applying for BJA's Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program for Law Enforcement Grant: What You Need to Know (Webinar)

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Join John Markovic, BJA Senior Policy Advisor, and Gerardo Velazquez, State Policy Advisor, for a webinar to review the 2019 Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation (BWC PIP) solicitation guidelines.

The presenters will provide a detailed explanation of the application requirements and will be available to answer specific questions.

BWC PIP supports law enforcement agencies in the acquisition of body-worn cameras (BWCs) and in the implementation of deliberate, comprehensive, and evidence-based BWC programs. The BWC PIP solicitation is a competitive award available to public law enforcement agencies that are seeking to implement pilot BWC programs, full BWC programs, or expand their existing BWC programs.

The solicitation associated with this webinar is accessible online at: www.bja.gov/funding/BWC19.pdf.

Date Created: February 3, 2021