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Creative Solutions and Opportunities to Address the National Juvenile Justice System Staffing Crisis

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The Council of State Governments Justice Center, Georgetown University's Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, and the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute will host a webinar to discuss the current staffing crisis in juvenile justice systems across the country including corrections, probation, and service provider agencies. 

Juvenile justice systems' ability to effectively recruit, hire, and retain qualified staff—and therefore provide safe environments for youth and ensure their needs are met in facilities and the community—is currently in crisis. This webinar will bring national attention to the need for states and local communities to address this staffing crisis in juvenile justice systems across the country. 

The webinar will briefly outline the problem, engage with national experts on short– and long–term creative solutions, and highlight an upcoming opportunity to guide the development of tools and resources for the field. 

This webinar is open to anyone who is currently leading or working in these systems or with system-involved youth who is interested in sharing and exploring creative solutions. 

Date Created: December 1, 2022