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Pass-through Entity’s Oversight Responsibilities for Subrecipients - Live Discussion Webinar for OJP Grantees in Puerto Rico

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This webinar highlights the essential components for managing your sub-awards, including policies and procedures on sub-recipient budgeting, spending, and record retention. Whether you are a pass-through agency or a sub-awardee, this webinar event and TTA materials helps you establish a strong relationship built on strong communication and accountability. 
Attendees engage in a brief presentation delivered by the Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Grants Financial Management Division and case scenario facilitated by OJP’s Territories Financial Support Center (TFSC).  Attendees also learn how to access training and technical assistance resources developed by the OJP TFSC, including short videos, policy and procedure guide sheets, job aid checklists, and customized technical assistance to enhance learning and improve their capacity to manage sub-recipient awards.     
This training event is conducted exclusively for OJP grantees in Puerto Rico, and sections presented in Spanish. Participants have opportunities to interact with presenters through live discussion and interactive polls.

Date Created: September 30, 2021