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3.15 Reporting Requirements

Progress/Program Reports

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Special Reports

Progress/program reports provide information relevant to the performance and activities of a plan, program, or project and are due at the intervals noted below. Unless otherwise indicated, the final report is due within 90 days after the end date of the award. Program reports must be submitted online through the OJP GMS. Questions concerning GMS may be addressed to the GMS Helpdesk.

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Technical questions concerning GMS should be addressed to the GMS Helpdesk at 1-888-549-9901. Programmatic questions should be directed to the program office grant manager identified in your award documents.

Progress/program reports include all the following items:
  • BJA Block and Formula Funds—Annual Performance Reports
  • BJA’s programs

Each year States must submit a report to BJA which contains information as required by the legislation and the Director. This report must be submitted to BJA no later than December 31 for the activities undertaken and results achieved during the prior Federal fiscal year (October 1 through September 30).

The reporting requirement of Sections 223(2) and 223(a)(22) [PDF - 607 Kb] may be met through the submission of the Annual Plan and its updates to the OJJDP. The Annual Plan may provide a performance report on the previously planned activities utilizing JJA formula funds. Instructions for the preparation of the SF-424 by the State are contained in Title 28 CFR Part 31.

  • Crime Victims’ Compensation Program

A State receiving funds for a crime victims’ compensation program is required to submit an annual performance report on the effect the Federal funds had on the program. The report is due by November 30 each year and must report on activities for the prior Federal fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). Please see the crime victims’ compensation guidelines [PDF - 72 Kb] for specific reporting instructions.

Crime victims’ assistance program reporting requirements are set forth in the victims’ assistance award program guidelines. The State crime victims’ assistance agency receiving Federal victims’ assistance award funds is required to submit a performance report 90 days after the end of each award. The performance report will provide information on the effect the Federal funds have had on services to crime victims in the State and serve as a basis for information prepared for the report to Congress on the Victims of Crime Act.

  • Progress Report
  • OJP Form 4587/1

This report is prepared twice a year and is used to describe the performance of activities or the accomplishment of objectives as set forth in the approved award application. Progress reports must be submitted within 30 days after the end of the reporting periods, which are June 30 and December 31, for the life of the award. The awarding agency may opt, by special condition to the award, to combine the first report into the subsequent reporting period. For example, if the begin date on the award is June 1, the awarding agency may opt to receive the first report 30 days after the December 31 reporting period.

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FFRs and progress reports are not applicable to awards under the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative, Northern Border Prosecution Initiative, and Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program.

Special Reports

In the review and approval process for plans and applications, it is sometimes necessary for the awarding agency to require that special or unique conditions be met in order to make an award. These special conditions will vary from award to award; however, acceptance of the award constitutes an agreement that the conditions will be met either prior to the project or during the course of the award period.

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