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Grants 101


If you are a successful applicant and your project has been chosen for funding, OJP will notify you of the award no later than September 30 of the calendar year via the Grants Management System (GMS), regardless of whether the application came through GMS or Grants.gov. If you are unsuccessful, OJP will issue you a rejection letter by December 30 of the calendar year.

Once you receive an award, you need to designate a financial point of contact and return the award document, signed by your Authorized Representative, to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer within 45 calendar days of the date of award. You also need to review any special conditions listed, and any other standards, terms, and conditions, including the OJP Financial Guide and how your organization will achieve compliance with these requirements. For example, you will need to submit quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reports, including financial status and programmatic progress reports. See OJP Recipient Resources page for post-award instructions, training, and other grantee material.

Congratulations! It is finally time to begin using your award to implement your project.

Date Created: January 21, 2020