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Grants 101

The Life of a Grant

Generally, there are five stages in a grant proposal’s life:

STEP 1: Solicitations Posted; Application Period Begins
After you determine whether you are eligible for an open solicitation, found on OJP’s Current Opportunities page, an Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424) and Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (SF-LLL) online through the federal grants portal Grants.Gov and submit your full application including attachments in the DOJ’s Justice Grants System (JustGrants), as stipulated in the solicitation (formula grants, continuation grants, and congressionally directed awards). See Before You ApplyWrite the Proposal, and Submit the Application for guidance.

STEP 2: Application Review
Applications are initially reviewed to ensure that they meet the basic minimum requirements for registration information and completeness set forth in the solicitation document. The applications are then reviewed to make sure the information presented is reasonable and understandable and that the proposed activities are measurable, achievable, and consistent with program or legislative requirements. Finally, a financial review is conducted to evaluate the fiscal integrity and financial capability of applicants, examine proposed costs, and determine whether the budget and budget narrative accurately explain the project’s costs and whether those costs are reasonable, necessary, and allowable. See Application Review for further information.

STEP 3: Award Notification
OJP notifies successful applicants that they will receive grant awards no later than September 30 of the calendar year and generally issues rejection letters to unsuccessful applicants by December 30 of the calendar year.

STEP 4: Post-Award
Once you receive an award, you need to complete several steps before you can implement your project. See Award for further guidance.

STEP 5: Award Closeout
After the project period of your grant has ended, you need to submit all closeout documents and complete closeout requirements within 90 days after the end of the grant. If all activities have not been completed, you may request a change in your end date. Requests must be submitted 30 days before the end date. These documents include the following:

  • Final Programmatic Progress Report
  • Final Financial Status Report
  • Report about your project’s compliance with all special conditions
  • A report demonstrating Financial Reconciliation
  • All required deliverables, such as invention reports.
Date Created: January 21, 2020