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OJJDP January/February 2020 News @ A Glance Video Message

January 2020

Caren Harp, OJJDP Administrator, January/February 2020 Video Message  The Administrator discusses the vital role mentoring can play in ensuring a brighter future for our nation's youth. Students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52 percent less likely than their peers to skip a day of school, 46 percent less likely to start using illegal drugs, and 55 percent more likely to enroll in college. Video run time: 2:46 min:

Officer Stress and Wellness: Bringing Practitioners and Researchers Together

January 2020

Officer Stress and Wellness   Discussion about the importance of practitioners and researchers working together to study the effects of stress and trauma on law enforcement. The speakers note how the partnership can ensure that all stakeholders are involved, make the data more usable and understandable, and create a synergy of practical experience and vetted academic foundations. Video run time: 1:27 min.

Law Enforcement Stress and Trauma Discussion Takeaways

January 2020

Stress and Trauma Discussion Takeaways  Panelists provide their opinions on what they hope people will take away from the seminar. These takeaways are managing officer expectations at the academy level for the stress and trauma that they could face on the job and sharing research resources on officer resiliency with law enforcement agencies. Video run time: 2:06 min.

Speakers: John Violanti, research professor at University at Buffalo’s School of Public Health and Health Professions; Wendy Stiver, major at the Dayton (Ohio) Police Department.

Key Points About Stress and Wellness for Law Enforcement Leadership

January 2020

Key Points: Stress and Wellness for Law Enforcement  Research professionals discuss what they believe law enforcement leadership should focus on when dealing with officer health and wellness. This includes identifying trauma and warning signs for suicide, utilizing a “preventive maintenance” approach to the health and wellness of officers, and finding ways that can help officers deal with everyday stressors. Video run time: 2:13 min.

Applying the Latest Research to Prevent Bullying: Empowering Schools to Change Behavior & Attitudes

January 2020

NIJ - Empowering Schools to Change Behavior & Attitudes  Bullying prevention is an important aspect of school safety. During this webinar, co-sponsored by NIJ and the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention, renowned bullying prevention researchers will share information schools can use to address bullying. This information will include helping teachers respond to bullying in the classroom and giving students who see bullying tools to take action to address it. Video run time: 1:41 min.

The Surviving Victims: Guiding the Families of Homicide Victims Through the Criminal Justice Process

December 2019

BJA's Capital Case Litigation Improvement Project Webinar Series  This webinar focuses on how to be the best advocate possible for victims of capital crimes and their families, with emphasis on building effective, empathetic relationships with these families and guiding them through the judicial process. This presentation includes resources for prosecutors dealing with such capital litigation cases. Video run time: 56 min.

Mitigating Mental Health Defenses

December 2019

BJA's Capital Case Litigation Improvement Project Webinar Series  First Assistant Ed McCann of the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office explores various mental health defenses in capital cases & how prosecutors can effectively counter them. A career prosecutor who has been on the front lines of many high-profile cases, McCann provides anecdotal insights & practical tools to take straight into trial. This presentation is intended for prosecutors, prosecution teams, victim advocates, and law enforcement personnel. Video run time: 1:11 min.

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities: 10 Facts Officers Need to Know

December 2019

BJA's Serving Safely Webinar Series  This webinar provides 10 practical tips law enforcement officers can use to effectively serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Additionally, the webinar presenters share information about how officers can seek further training through the "Pathways to Justice" law enforcement module. Video run time: 1:17 min.