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Protecting Against Stress and Trauma - NIJ Research for the Real World Seminar

July 2019

NIJ Research for the Real World Seminar  NIJ brought together law enforcement practitioners and leading researchers in the field of stress to discuss the current research evidence and practical benefits of targeted stress-management interventions and how they can promote officer mental wellness. Video run time: 43.26 min.

Researchers on the panel are pioneers in the field of the Evidence-Based Policing Movement. They are leading scholars and Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) scholars.

Sexual Assault Kit Initiative: Addressing the Backlog of Unsubmitted Kits

April 2019

BJA's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI): Addressing the Backlog of Unsubmitted Kits  SAKI was designed specifically to address the backlog of unsubmitted kits. The focus is to account for every kit in every jurisdiction, make sure it gets tested & investigated, and let the victims know something is happening with their kit.  Video run time: 47 seconds.

OJJDP March/April 2019 News @ A Glance Video Message

April 2019

Caren Harp, OJJDP Administrator, March/April 2019 Video Message: Renewing our commitment to preventing the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children. OJJDP partners with the Children's Bureau (CB), supports the National Children's Alliance SHINE campaign, offers webinars through its National Mentoring Resource Center, works with local child advocacy centers, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) programs, and more to help free the nation's children from violence and neglect.  Video run time: 3:41 min.

Sexual Assault Kit Initiative: A United Effort to Get Justice for Victims

April 2019

BJA's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI): A United Effort to Get Justice for Victims  Video addresses the problems that have occurred in the past with sexual assaults, the backlog of sexual assault kits, and the recognition of the seriousness of the crime. Law enforcement is seeing the value of testing kits & investigating the cases in a timely manner to get justice for the victims and increase public safety overall. Video run time: 33 seconds.