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Addressing Hate Crimes: Six Initiatives That Are Enhancing the Efforts of Criminal Justice Practitioners

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February 2000
19 pages
Stephen Wessler
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This monograph describes six initiatives for preventing and responding to hate crimes.
The six initiatives to assist criminal justice practitioners in responding to hate crimes are: (1) The International Association of Chiefs of Police Summit: Hate Crime in America, a 2-day summit for law enforcement, civil rights and other leaders to develop recommendations for addressing hate crimes; (2) Department of Justice’s National Hate Crime Training Initiative, to develop multilevel hate crime training curricula for local law enforcement agencies; (3) Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Roll Call Video: Responding to Hate Crimes, which covers the initial response to and investigation of possible hate crimes; (4) The International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Responding to Hate Crimes: A Police Officer’s Guide to Investigation and Prevention of hate incidents and hate crimes, and how best to assist victims; (5) The American Prosecutors Research Institute’s Resource Guide, Prosecutors Respond to Hate Crimes Project; and (6) The Maine Department of the Attorney General’s Designated Civil Rights Officers Project, to develop a coordinated statewide system for hate crime investigation and prosecution.
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