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Capital Punishment 1996

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Date Published
December 1997
16 pages
Tracy L Snell
Publication Series
This report provides information and statistics on the status of the death penalty in the United States by State as of December 31, 1996, including data on the number of executions during 1996, the number of prisoners under sentence of death, jurisdictions without a death penalty, death-row inmate demographics, and method of execution.
At the end of 1996, 34 States and the Federal prison system held 3,219 prisoners under sentence of death, 5 percent more than at the end of 1995. A total of 1,820 death-row inmates were white, 1,349 were black, 24 were Native American, 18 were Asian, and 8 were "other." The 259 Hispanic inmates under sentence of death accounted for 8.8 percent of inmates with a known ethnicity. Forty-eight women were on death row. Among death-row inmates for whom arrest information was available, the average age at time of arrest was 28; 2 percent of death-row inmates were age 17 or younger at the time of arrest. Nineteen States executed 45 prisoners during 1996, 11 fewer than in 1995. The prisoners executed during 1996 had been under sentence of death an average of 10 years and 5 months, 9 months less than that for inmates executed in 1995. The number of States authorizing lethal injection increased from 17 in 1986 to 32 in 1996. In 1996, 80 percent of all executions were by lethal injection, compared to 61 percent in 1986. 3 figures and 16 tables

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