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Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2008 - Statistical Tables

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Date Published
May 2011
135 pages
Michael R. Rand; Jayne E. Robinson
This report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics contains statistical data on criminal victimization in the United States in 2008.
Major findings from the survey include: in 2008, there were 21,312,400 victimizations, with 4,993,220 (23.4 percent) for personal crimes and 16,319,180 (76.6 percent) for property crimes; the highest rates of victimization per 1,000 persons or households by types of crime were 16.3 for assault and 13.9 for attempted/threatened violence, and 96.9 for completed theft and 21.5 for completed household burglary; males had a higher rate of victimization for personal crimes (21.9) compared to females (17.8); the highest rate of victimization by age group was for 12-15 year-olds (43.6), followed by 20-24 year-olds (38.4) and 16-19 year-olds (37.4); and the highest rate of victimization (per 1,000 persons ages 12 or older) by race was 52.4 for persons of two or more races, 26.6 for Blacks, and 18.6 for Whites. Data for this report were collected through the annual National Crime Victimization Survey for the year 2008 from persons aged 12 and older living in the United States, including those living in group quarters such as dormitories and rooming houses. For 2008, 38, 060 households with 67, 090 persons were interviewed at six month intervals for the survey. Tables

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