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Grants Landscape Review Summary

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Date Published
October 2020
2 pages
This report presents findings and recommendations from the "grants landscape review" of 10 law enforcement agencies, which is a requirement of their participation in the federal National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) program, an innovative framework for state, tribal, and local law enforcement officers and prosecutors to investigate, prosecute, and deter violent crime.
The PSP grants landscape review assists agencies in evaluating their capabilities and capacity to apply for, win, and manage grant opportunities, and it identifies the various grant-strategy training and technical assistance (TTA) opportunities in supporting agencies in developing and improving their grant writing and management capabilities. This report on grants landscape reviews of 10 medium-to-large law enforcement agencies across the South and Midwest that are participating in the PSP presents findings and recommendations that can guide other agencies in the development and improvement of their capacity to apply for, win, and manage grant opportunities. The findings and recommendation focus on four areas related to grant management. The four areas of grant management addressed are 1) the pursuit of diverse and strategic funding sources; 2) consideration of non-grant related resources; 3) engagement in interagency partnerships to develop successful grant applications; and 4) the engagement of department personnel in grant writing. The findings and recommendations in each of these areas were developed from common issues identified in the grants landscape review of each of the 10 PSP agencies.

Date Published: October 1, 2020