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Information Quality Program Guide

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130 pages
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This guide aims to help justice managers develop an information quality program for their organizations; it has been designed to support managers who must analyze their justice entity’s information and determine what is needed to ensure good quality information.


This guide features a step-based approach to the development and implementation of an agency-wide information quality (IQ) program and includes a wide variety of resources and tools, as well as a framework for analyzing a justice entity’s business rules for IQ. The document supports new IQ system development as well as continuous assessment of existing organizational resources and practices. The discussion and tools presented in this guide seek to aid practitioners through the following actions: the establishment of IQ as an agency-wide program; the identification and analysis of agency justice events and products; the application of IQ dimensions; the completion of an IQ assessment, and implementation and follow-up. It is organized into sections that discuss the following topics: what IQ is; why IQ is important to justice entities; how justice entities can achieve IQ; how to identify justice events and information products, including legal analysis; analysis of IQ dimensions and the information life cycle; a complete IQ assessment, using the Information Quality Self-Assessment Tool; implementation and follow-up; resources; and eight appendices.

Date Published: January 1, 2010