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Interviewing the Incarcerated Offender Convicted of Sexually Assaulting the Elderly

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Journal of Forensic Nursing Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Dated: Fall 2006 Pages: 130-133,146
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5 pages

Drawing on a study of elderly victims of sexual assault and their offenders, this study offers suggestions for effective research-related interview techniques that can gain the offender's cooperation and accurate disclosure.


Recommendations focus first on safety measures designed to protect the interviewer. These include having a co-interviewer and conducting a detailed assessment of the subject prior to the initial interviews. A discussion of preparation for the interviews addresses obtaining information on the subject and his/her motivation to participate in the interview. A review of the subject's biographical, criminal, and mental health history will provide the foundation for the interview, along with a thorough knowledge of the crime committed. An interview protocol should be designed and used consistently with all the subjects. The information acquired by using a standard protocol will legitimize the inherent value for empirical research purposes. It also provides an effective instrument as a reference guide for the interviewer in maintaining concentration during the interview. These suggestions for research-related interviews pertain to incarcerated offenders convicted of sexual assault against the elderly. They were developed as a result of interviewing 24 inmates convicted of similar crimes against the elderly. 11 references

Date Published: January 1, 2006