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Inventory of Aftercare Provisions for Fifty-Two Boot Camp Programs

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 1996
147 pages
Publication Series
This inventory provides synopses of 52 residential boot camps throughout the Nation and their aftercare provisions.
Information on the programs was obtained from telephone interviews with juvenile and adult boot camps, reviews of program documentation to produce individual case summaries, and site visits to selected programs. The boot camp programs profiled include 34 adult programs operated by State correctional agencies in 32 States, eight local programs operated by sheriff's departments or local probation or correctional departments, the program operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Texas and Pennsylvania, and nine juvenile programs operated by a variety of public and private youth agencies. The format for each program synopsis encompasses jurisdiction, program goals, eligibility criteria, boot camp description, authority for aftercare decisionmaking, aftercare host agency and staffing, supervision, integration of boot camp and aftercare, aftercare program activities, program effects, and contact person. Tables at the end of the inventory provide a quick reference to boot camps and their aftercare programs. A companion document, "A National Survey of Aftercare Provisions for Boot Camp Graduates," provides a synthesis of boot camp aftercare provisions, highlighting several innovative program features.

Date Published: January 1, 1996