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Jurisdictional Technical Assistance Package for Juvenile Corrections

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2000
273 pages
This manual provides jurisdictions with guidance in assessing local needs for juvenile corrections technical assistance and committing available resources to address those needs.
The first chapter discusses how juvenile justice system personnel identify a problem, involve appropriate personnel and stakeholders in assessing needs and making a commitment to change, and work toward effective solutions to identified problems. The second chapter guides juvenile justice professionals, agencies, or jurisdictions in the self-assessment of programs, problems, and needs. One segment of this chapter provides a brief historical overview of an evolving juvenile corrections system, discusses the mission and purpose of the juvenile justice system, and describes current programs and services. The second segment of the chapter reviews national data and trends on juvenile offenders and offenses. Three chapters focus on some common areas of technical assistance needs. These areas are balanced and restorative juvenile corrections; planning and forecasting for juvenile corrections; and case assessment, classification, and management. The concluding chapter provides various resources that may be useful to juvenile programs or jurisdictions that need technical assistance. It lists OJJDP (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) grantees and contractors and includes sample formats for technical assistance materials. Appended supplementary materials on the technical assistance process; jurisdictional and program self-assessment; balanced and restorative juvenile corrections; planning and forecasting for juvenile corrections; case assessment, classification, and management; and resources for technical assistance

Date Published: December 1, 2000