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National Adolescent Treatment Court Dashboard

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This resource was developed by the National Treatment Court Resource Center, and illustrates the national landscape of adolescent treatment courts in the United States, providing information about various court programs; the resource is divided into three main sections: the National Overview, Court Locator, and About Project.


This map-based dashboard illustrates the national landscape of adolescent treatment courts (ATCs) in the United States and provides personnel in the field with the opportunity to learn best practices and encourage peer-to-peer connections. The data utilized in this project was collected through a questionnaire that was distributed by AllRise, formerly known as NADCP. The questionnaire was developed by AllRise, in partnership with the Center for Justice Innovation (CJI, formerly known as CCI). The map is updated quarterly; in order for a court to be added to the resource, the creators provide information on what to do, as well as how to submit an update to information such as primary point of contact. Other information provided, based on frequently asked questions, describes what to do when users experience technical difficulties. The National Overview page of the NATC dashboard includes the following sections: Number of Adolescent TCs; Average Daily Population; Average Participant Capacity; Number of OJJDP Grantees; Courts by Designation(s); Minimum Ages Served; Maximum Ages Served; Years of Establishment; and Charges Accepted. The Court Locator page provides a map that users may search by name, designation, location, tools used, and program offerings; other court information is provided, as well as suggestions for similar courts.

Date Published: January 1, 2024