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Officer Safety Initiatives Fact Sheet

NCJ Number
Steven Edwards; Deborah Meader
Date Published
September 2015
4 pages
Publication Series
This Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Fact Sheet briefly describes resources available to State, local, and tribal governments for improving law enforcement officer safety through quality training, technical assistance, and information sharing.
The resources described address six areas that pertain to officer safety. Some of the resources focus on preventing violent encounters in the course of officers performing their duties. A second set of resources provides critical information for improving officers' awareness of potentially violent situations and developing abilities to respond appropriately so as to prevent or minimize harm to the officer and others involved. A third area of officer safety addressed by the resources is officers' identification of potential danger and preparation to react quickly and appropriately with equipment and training to establish control and reduce escalation. A fourth topic addressed in the resources is the prevention and mitigation of violence in a jurisdiction, and a fifth focus is on greater awareness, leadership, and planning for improvements in officers' health and wellness. A sixth area addressed by the resources is an agency's support for its officers, their families, and the community when tragic events do occur. Where resources are available online, the web addresses are provided.

Date Published: September 1, 2015