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Police Model

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K Ehrensaft; I Spergel
Date Published
21 pages
The broad functions through which the police address the problem of youth gangs are investigation, intelligence, suppression, community relations, and training.
Investigation involves follow-up inquiry and activity on reported youth gang crimes; intelligence requires the development of background information on gangs and gang members for investigative purposes; suppression involves the targeting of youth gang leaders and other hard-core members for surveillance, arrest, and prosecution; community relations requires the reduction of circumstances under which youth gang crimes are likely to occur through community involvement, social intervention, and opportunity programs; and training and evaluation require specialized instruction in the police resonse to gangs and the evaluation of gang-related programs and activities. The discussion of multiple program strategies addresses planning, investigation, intelligence/investigative files, targeted gang suppression, community mobilization and opportunity provision, administrative leadership, and evaluation.

Date Published: January 1, 1991