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Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Policy Development Template for State, Local, and Tribal Justice Entities

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48 pages
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This template was designed to help justice agency personnel in the development of a privacy policy related to the information collected, received, maintained, archived, accessed, and disclosed to the entity, including government agencies, fusion centers, Information Sharing Environment participants, and other participating criminal justice and public safety agencies.


The provisions suggested in this template are intended to be incorporated into a justice entity’s general operational policies and daily operations, and to provide explicit and detailed privacy protection guidance to entity personnel and other authorized source and user agencies. Each section is a fundamental component of a comprehensive policy that includes baseline provisions on information collection, information quality (IQ), collation and analysis, merging of records, information access and disclosure, redress, security safeguards, retention and destruction, accountability and enforcement, and training. This template was designed with privacy policy concepts grouped into related sections; each section contains relevant policy provision questions shown in bold type, followed by sample language. Sections containing “informational only” Information Sharing Environment (ISE) components are enclosed in boxes, and sections containing suspicious activity reporting (SAR) components are shaded. The two appendices include a glossary of terms and definitions, and federal laws relevant to seeking, retaining, and disseminating justice information.

Date Published: January 1, 2012