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Probation Model

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A probation model for countering youth gangs requires a multidimensional strategy that implements probation's dual mission of protecting the community and reintegrating gang youth into normative patterns of community behavior.
A five-fold strategy of suppression, opportunities provision, social intervention, community mobilization, and organizational development is required. Probation goals and objectives that incorporate these strategies are to assist the court in its sentencing decision, enforce the orders of the court and the laws of the State in limiting the criminal activity of youth gang members, assist criminal justice and community agencies as well as grassroots groups in the coordination of information and the development of activities to control and prevent gang behavior, and broker special school and employment opportunities for youth gang probationers. A social intervention strategy is also required. This involves direct assistance to youth gang probationers and their parents in crisis situations and the monitoring of their use of services. Of particular importance are community mobilization efforts by the probation department to motivate community agencies to reach out and provide more attention and services to gang youth. A discussion of probation functions and issues focuses on organizational development and change; data systems and information sharing; presentence investigation; supervision; interagency coordination; community mobilization, education, and prevention; selection training, and education; and research and evaluation.

Date Published: January 1, 1990