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Programs That Support Law Enforcement

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May 2024
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This document describes more than 50 programs, including funding solicitations and Technical and Training Assistance programs, that are geared toward the support of law enforcement agencies.


Close to 60 programs that offer grant funding, and training and technical assistance (TTA) or similar supports for law enforcement agencies are described in this document. The programs cover a variety of aspects of police needs, including women in law enforcement, collaborative crime response and intervention training, body-worn camera (BWC) partnerships, opioid and stimulant use (COSSUP) for reducing the impact of substance abuse on the community, DNA backlog reduction for crime laboratories, law enforcement behavioral health responses, tribal law enforcement supports, virtual reality de-escalation training, crime gun intelligence training, missing persons notification systems training, and other training programs and technical support initiatives. Some specific programs include: Collaborative Crisis Response and Intervention Training Program; Connect and Protect Program; Project Safe Neighborhoods; Drug Data Research Center to Combat the Opioid Crisis; Internet of Things (IOT) National Training and Technical Assistance; Justice Counts; National Decertification Index Database; Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI TTA); and Southwest Border (SWB) Rural Law Enforcement Training and Technical Assistance Grant, among others.

Date Published: May 1, 2024