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SSP Documentation - Metadata Spreadsheet

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Date Published
October 2023
Publication Series

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet provides information on metadata types and properties for use in service specification packages, which would ensure that all relevant descriptive information about a service is recorded.


This Excel spreadsheet is divided into seven sections of metadata items, which are divided into columns with metadata item descriptions, information about whether those items are required or optional, and cardinality. The seven metadata item sections are: service identification; service description; version information; related organization information; business context; service interface; and service-level agreements. Metadata items for service identification include the service name and other identification information; the descriptive information includes summary text, keyword text, information about real-world effects, and security classification text, among other items. Metadata items for version information require major, minor, and revision version information, creation date, and other relevant information. Related organization metadata items require organization name, organization role description text, and contact person name and contact information; business context metadata requires primary domain information. Service Interface metadata covers URI information, action purpose and SIP information; and service-level agreements, the final section, requires metadata on service policy and contracts, applicable policies indicator, applicable contracts indicator, applicable umbrella agreements, licensing, and other related details.

Date Published: October 23, 2023