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State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program

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March 2002
4 pages
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This overview of the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program (SLATT) discusses who should consider SLATT training, training topics, SLATT research, issues and curriculum development, and technical assistance.
SLATT provides training in detecting, investigating, and prosecuting extremist criminal activity, including activity that is inspired by international events. This focus distinguishes SLATT training from first-responder and related weapons of mass destruction/nuclear, biological, and chemical response training provided to emergency service personnel. In response to the September 11 attacks, SLATT has expanded its training and research on foreign-inspired terrorism to include specific organizations believed to be involved in the attacks. SLATT is a joint effort of the Institute for Intergovernmental Research and the FBI. SLATT specialized courses are intended for State and local law enforcement executives, command personnel, intelligence officers, investigators, training directors, and prosecutors. SLATT's services include the coordination of training logistics, the selection and development of instructors, the preparation of training and resource materials, the selection of training sites, liaison with potential trainees and cosponsors, and close coordination with the FBI's National Security Division Training Unit. Since its inception, SLATT has trained more than 15,600 law enforcement personnel.
Date Created: April 17, 2002